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My Pledge to You

1. I will treat you and your animal with the utmost respect and compassion, without judgment.

2. I will always seek to hear and convey your animal’s true voice.

3. I will share all of the information I receive from your animal, without filtering or interpretation.

4. I will make myself available, both before and after my consultation with your animal, to answer your questions.

5. I will give you and your animal all the time you need, without imposing artificial time constraints on the process.

6. I will conduct all consultations in complete confidence, and will not share private details without your express permission.


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November 11th and 12th, 2012

The Holiday Inn, Boxborough, Massachusetts

Our animals are so precious to us.  But they often leave us too soon.  What if we could preserve their health and wellness for years longer.  We can, and at The Conference on Complementary Animal Healing, you'll learn how.

For two amazing days in November, all of us who are united in our compassion and love for animals will come together to share, to learn what is possible, and to witness how healing can happen. 

You'll learn how to create balance where there is stress, and how to redefine your interactions with your anials so that where there was struggle, there is ease.  You'll be empowered to create a better life for both you and your animals, armed with tools to replace helplessness with hope.

You'll hear and experience the ways in which not only animals, but their human companions, too, can be deeply affected and changed by the skilled interactions of practitioners who are devoted to creating peace and harmony in each being they touch.  You'll discover how their gentle, but powerful techniques can profoundly transform the way in which you think about your animal's health, giving you options and alternatives you may never have imagined possible.

Whether you're an animal wellness practitioner who wants to deepen your skills, a professional animal trainer or caretaker, or one of my caring and devoted animal communication clients, this conference has something for you.

In addition to a wealth of experience, you'll receive a complimentary flower essence, a coupon for a discounted animal communication session, and the opportunity to include your business card in the gift book that all attendees will receive.

We'll be able to accommodate up to 10 well-behaved dogs for hands-on demonstrations, on a first-come, first-served basis!

I hope to see you there!

Through October 31st:  $159/one day or $298/both days

Prices go up on November 1st!  $175/one day and $325/both days!

Sunday, November 11th

     Kathleen Prasad, Reiki for Dogs and Cats and Practicing Peace with Your Animals 

Sally Morgan, Craniosacral and Vibrational Healing

Nan Martin, Essential Oils for Dogs and Cats

Shirley Moore, Homeopathy to Heal Your Dog's Body and Spirit

Monday, November 12th

Kathleen Prasad, Reiki for Horses

Ginger Krantz, Energy Healing for Horses

Denise Bean-Raymond, The Power of Touch: Healing Horses Holistically

Nan Martin, Essential Oils for Horses

Dr. Randy Caviness, D.V.M., An Integrative Approach to Animal Healing

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