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My Pledge to You

1. I will treat you and your animal with the utmost respect and compassion, without judgment.

2. I will always seek to hear and convey your animal’s true voice.

3. I will share all of the information I receive from your animal, without filtering or interpretation.

4. I will make myself available, both before and after my consultation with your animal, to answer your questions.

5. I will give you and your animal all the time you need, without imposing artificial time constraints on the process.

6. I will conduct all consultations in complete confidence, and will not share private details without your express permission.



I do most of my work remotely (long-distance), and invite clients to submit a photograph of their animal.  If one is not readily available, I will still be able to connect with the animal, with only a physical description.

I do not work "live," on the phone, but rather, I create a quiet space and time in which to telepathically connect with your animal, so I can concentrate fully on the messages and images that he wishes to convey, without any distractions.  In most cases, the actual communication session lasts for approximately 35-45 minutes, during which time I will be taking notes of all of the information that I receive, so I can fully describe it to you.

If you prefer an onsite visit, I will also visit barns and equestrian facilities and private homes for a minimum of two animals.  The fee for an onsite session is $85.00 per animal, including travel expenses, within an hour's drive of Sterling, Massachusetts.  Payment can be by check at the time of the consultation.

You can contact me by phone or by Email to arrange a consultation, or you can just fill out the "Consultation Request Form" on this site.    Upon receipt of your payment, I will schedule a time to communicate with your animal, and will subsequently arrange an appointment with you to discuss the specific details of our conversation. 

I encourage you to submit questions you would like me to address, and to let me know of any issues that are of particular concern.   In most cases, your animal will respond with specific, verifiable details that will give you the confidence to know that I was really talking with him! 

The fee for a remote communication consultation is $75.00, including our time on the phone (or Email) before and after the session, the communication itself, and the preparation of the transcript.

I offer slightly discounted rates for multiple animals (but I communicate with each animal in a separate session, not as a group).

For emergencies, I will make every effort to conduct the telepathic session with the animal on a same-day basis, if at all possible.  The fee for emergency consultations is $85.00.

In all cases, I will provide a typewritten transcript of my conversation with your animal, for your reference.   

Followup communication sessions, within 14 days of the initial appointment, are available for $60

Consultations with Cats with Cancer are available for the discounted rate of $45.00, with the balance underwritten by Casey's Legacy

My goal is always to offer prompt, compassionate service to you and to your animal. 

To book a consultation, click here.

I invite nonprofit Rescue organizations to contact me to discuss my pro-bono services.


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