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My Pledge to You

1. I will treat you and your animal with the utmost respect and compassion, without judgment.

2. I will always seek to hear and convey your animal’s true voice.

3. I will share all of the information I receive from your animal, without filtering or interpretation.

4. I will make myself available, both before and after my consultation with your animal, to answer your questions.

5. I will give you and your animal all the time you need, without imposing artificial time constraints on the process.

6. I will conduct all consultations in complete confidence, and will not share private details without your express permission.



Like you, I've always had a passion for animals.  But being an animal communicator takes more than that:  it takes compassion, and an ability to listen, and to believe, and to be open to the unexpected, without preconceived notions of what an animal might say.  That's what I do, in a nutshell.

My clients can attest to my accuracy and to my effectiveness in helping them in a variety of situations, from behavioral problems to death and dying.  I invite you to contact me to learn more. 

When I communicate with an animal, I do so with the utmost respect and compassion, treating each one as a cherished individual who has important messages and experiences to share.  I approach every animal client with an open mind and an open heart, and I consider myself to be truly privileged that they choose to confide in me.  I  treat them with kindness and respect, and let them know that anything they tell me will be held safely and in confidence.

My credentials include more than five years of experience, after having studied for a year with world-renowned animal communicator, Carol Gurney, and been certified as a professional animal communicator upon my successful completion (in 2006) of her comprehensive HeartTalk training program.

I wholeheartedly endorse and embrace the Animal Communicator Code of Ethics developed by Penelope Smith.  

Even when I'm not communicating with animals, I try to work on their behalf.  I am a former Adoption Coordinator for New England English Springer Spaniel Rescue, and as a former thoroughbred owner and breeder, I am an avid supporter of efforts to ensure that retired racehorses find good homes. 

I also publish a free monthly eNewsletter, "What's Up With Animals?"

I am the Editor of The Animal Communication Book Club, launched in 2008, in which I review books that explore our relationships with animals, and how we can enhance our connections with them.  I am also the Boston Animal Advocacy and national Equine Advocacy columnist for

I am blessed to share my life with three cats, Django, Neil, and Glenda, a gentle Chesapeake Retriever mix, Tennessee, a Spanish Timbrado canary named Fernando, a barnful of bantam chickens and precious Hayley, a former Premarin mare whom I adopted from Bay State Equine Rescue in Oakham, Massachusetts.





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