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My Pledge to You

1. I will treat you and your animal with the utmost respect and compassion, without judgment.

2. I will always seek to hear and convey your animal’s true voice.

3. I will share all of the information I receive from your animal, without filtering or interpretation.

4. I will make myself available, both before and after my consultation with your animal, to answer your questions.

5. I will give you and your animal all the time you need, without imposing artificial time constraints on the process.

6. I will conduct all consultations in complete confidence, and will not share private details without your express permission.




Some of my clients have been kind enough to let me know that my telepathic interaction with their animal has made a difference. I am grateful to them, and for the opportunity to have connected with these wonderful animals.


“A few weeks ago, Maureen Harmonay communicated with my two-year-old black Labrador Retriever named Sadie.  The problem I was having with Sadie was her incessant barking, every time I received a phone call and spoke on the phone.

 Since Maureen’s communication with Sadie, I have noticed a marked improvement with her behavior.  Now, if I tell her to stay quiet, she listens instead of barking.  Instead, she may bring me a sock.  Maureen has told her to be patient and quiet, and she will be rewarded for that positive behavior.  The communication between Maureen and Sadie has made a difference with Sadie’s behavior.”

Barbara Armiento
November 2006


“I want to thank you again for the communication that you did with Sally.  It is so good to know that Sally is happy with the move of her litter box to the basement, since it has alleviated her ‘accidents’ when sharing my bathroom.  I guess we all need our privacy and it makes me smile that you were able to get that from her. . .

Other areas where you were able to communicate accurately with Sally were the fact that she does like to look down from the top of the stairs.  This is a new phenomenon since the move to the new condo.

What was really a surprise was that Sally showed you an image of stools around a kitchen island.  Our house in Acton (we lived there eight years ago) had a large island in the kitchen with stools.  I put Sally’s food on the island so our dog would not eat her food.

I think you did an amazing job.  Sally and I both thank you.”

Christine Weeks
August 2006


“Many thanks for the communication you did with Rosie, our Bichon Frise! 

Your communication provided us much comfort and a better understanding of how Rosie was feeling.  At the time, Rosie was very ill.   She had been diagnosed with a tumor and had difficulty breathing.  We didn’t tell you this prior to your communication.  You let us know that she wasn’t feeling well and you correctly identified her areas of discomfort.  You told us that pillows and soft surfaces were bringing her comfort.  You also helped us out with her preference for foods.  We had been changing her food to figure out what she liked and your comments helped us immensely.

You also helped us confirm some of her fears and habits. . .such as why she barks at people and what she needs for her own comfort.

We really appreciate your help.”

Peg Donahue
August 2006


“On December 21, 2006, I contacted Maureen Harmonay about a few behavioral problems with my Dachshund, Stuie.  He was a very aggressive dog and I needed help understanding Stuie, which I am happy to say that Maureen led me in the right direction on understanding Stuie and what he was thinking about. 

Of the 16 points Maureen stated in her communication with the dog, 14 of them were right on target.  I was very impressed! 

I’ve learned a great deal about Stuie from Maureen’s communication with him (by just a picture I sent her with a brief description of his behavior problems).

 I would not hesitate to recommend other animal lovers to consult with Maureen on their pets’ behavior.  She certainly knows how to talk to animals and you would be impressed with her answers about your pet.”

Vinny Giannusa
December 2006


CJ had an appointment with a vet who specializes in chiropractic and acupuncture procedures.   She stated to me, ‘His neck is terrible,’ and that is exactly what you said was bothering him.  She did a chiropractic session on him and gave me neck stretches for him to do.

Thought you would like to know you were right on!”

Becky Demske
September 2006


“I am honored to recommend Maureen Harmonay as a talented and devoted Animal Communicator.

 I am the owner of 5 Yorkshire Terriers of different ages.  I have consulted Maureen on multiple occasions regarding both health and behavioral issues in my dogs.  In all of our dealings, Maureen's information was incredibly helpful, professional, grounded and compassionate.  She completely "read" both the dogs' personalities and quirks, and more importantly their "essences" in ways that both comforted, and supported me.

We have had some serious medical issues with my 5 year old Yorkie, Campbell, over the last six months, and Maureen's readings on him have helped me to make important medical choices and also to better trust my own sense of things.

I am a practicing Intuitive and Therapist in private practice in Harvard, and believe that Maureen has an incredible intuitive gift which she knows how to draw from and then translate beautifully and sensitively to her clients.  She presented all the information in ways that were soothing, grounded, and assured.  It is not easy to deliver information that is received in these ways (intuitively) and be perceived as credible and also balanced.  Maureen does this with an amazing ease and grace.

I cannot express enough my gratitude for her services, gifts, and professionalism in getting me and my beloved animals through some really difficult , and often baffling , occasions.  She is the best--I have consulted with some of the very well known communicators over the years, and even in her earliest readings, Maureen could hold her own with them.

I sincerely and enthusiastically recommend her as an animal communicator to anyone, without reservation.”

Lisa Claudia Briggs
December 2006


"I wanted to tell you that Willow's canter under saddle has gotten better.  Still work to do, but your communication and suggestions have been enormously helpful.  I hope to be able to work with you again."

Jayne Sportelli
February 2007


“Thank you very much for such a great service and for sharing your special talent with me, and with people who come to you to better understand their animals.

Your services were extremely helpful. You have confirmed that my horse, Nikki, is indeed communicating with me, and that I have been “getting it”—the messages, that is—pretty close. I started to think that I was going to go crazy. I know I am not a Doctor Doolittle, but I began to wonder whether I was making this up in my head, simply because I love this horse so much.

Most of all, I am happiest about finally knowing Nikki’s age for sure. The vet was very vague, so that didn’t help me much. Now, I know for sure that Nikki is indeed 26. Good old mare. . .she could have fooled many! She is extremely fit and far from being ‘old.’”

Danni Rodgers
April 2007


“I am grateful to you for your messages from Tasha, our beloved Golden Retriever.

The process with you was very consoling. You completely understood and validated my grieving. Tasha told you about white flowers in our house, and my friend had brought beautiful white mums with a card. 

Tasha told you she was relieved to no longer be scolded for coming home with dirty paws.  You said this was the first time an animal gave you this information. In fact, when my husband took her running, she always returned needing a bath! 

The most precious message from Tasha is her reminder to family members to treat each other with kindness, as she was the peacemaker during her precious 11 years in our family."

Mary Roberts
May 2007


“Thank you so much for all your help.

Amazing to think that just a few days ago, I could not even get close to Lola. Echo Rescue sends their warmest thanks to you as well.

We really feel that without your assistance, Lola may have been lost to us, possibly a lot longer, or maybe even permanently.

After your first session with her, I could see an amazing difference in her behavior. I can certainly say that Echo Rescue and many others who know Lola’s tale are fast becoming believers in animal communication. Thank you for your gift of the sessions to Lola, myself, and Echo Rescue.”

Vicky Stevens
August 2007


“Your communication with Sadie was quite accurate, and I am speechless!  Thank you again for your consultation.  I think it has already built a strong bond between Sadie and me.”

Tonya Boffoli
December, 2011


“I just wanted to take a second to let you know that Keely has been a completely different cat over the last two days. She has been downstairs all morning, jumping on my lap, wanting to be petted. She’s been around the dog a lot and has returned to her favorite spot (our office chair), which she has not been on since we moved. She has begun “talking” to me again when I talk to her, and is even doing a little playing.

I am so happy to see her out and about, instead of hiding or just laying on my bed. I’m not saying that she is 'cured,' but I wanted to thank you for helping us to bring her closer to the wonderful cat that we know she is.”

Julie Porter
April 2008


“I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for us.

Receiving your gift has been a completely positive experience for all of us. Tucker is doing well and your communication with him was a big relief to me, so I think he feels my happiness also. I am taking your advice and giving him more freedom, carrying him less, letting him be a little more independent, and just not worrying about him so much now that I know that he still wants to be on the earth.

I believe you are very gifted and have given me much comfort in understanding both Tucker and Sam, which has been a very freeing experience."

The world is lucky to have you.”

Leslie DeSanty
April, 2008


"I was somewhat skeptical of the idea of animal communication, but after my former thoroughbred racehorse, Squiggy, displayed some erratic behavior at a dressage show, I contacted Maureen.

The report I received back from her sent chills down my spine.  She told me things about my horse and his background and experiences that she could not have found out from anyone but him.  The information she provided enabled me to understand his behavior and approach changing it in a different light. 

Squiggy has had intermittent lameness during the last several months, and I was trying to figure out what was going on with him. 

Maureen spoke to him, and although he was reluctant to tell her what he was feeling, what he told her was confirmed when the chiropractor came later that day to work on him.  He was out in all the places he told Maureen he was feeling pain.  He even told Maureen he knew I was thinking of having a vet he'd never seen before come out to examine him, and said he was very concerned about this.  Thus his reluctance to tell her where he hurt.  I had never mentioned that to him, though I had discussed it with my trainer and my husband.  He must have gotten the idea from my thoughts--it's scary how much they can pick up on without you saying a word!

Using an animal communicator is a great tool in understanding your pets' thought process and avoiding the frustration of second-guessing or assuming.  Our animals communicate with us every day in many ways, but we are not able to be as "in tune" with them as Maureen is.  Although I am not exactly sure how she does it, I am a firm believer in animal communication and its benefits."

Susan Smith
July, 2008


I was absolutely floored—and moved to tears—by some of the information you were able to provide about Duke.

The entire experience was very positive, very healing.

You have a very special, truly incredible gift and I thank you for sharing it with me.”

Leslie Collins
September 2008


“I am amazed! The connection you made with Kruzer is amazing. I understand 90% of what you said.

You’ve nailed all of the emotions we’ve been going through in the last week.

Thanks for all your help.”

Beth Antes
September 2008


“All I can say is: ‘Wow’!

You were right on so many aspects about Duke.

Thank you so much!"

Victoria Stewart
January 2009



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