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My Pledge to You

1. I will treat you and your animal with the utmost respect and compassion, without judgement.

2. I will always seek to hear and convey your animal’s true voice.

3. I will share all of the information I receive from your animal, without filtering or interpretation.

4. I will make myself available, both before and after my consultation with your animal, to answer your questions.

5. I will give you and your animal all the time you need, without imposing artificial time constraints on the process.

6. I will conduct all consultations in complete confidence, and will not share private details without your express permission.



Believe, be open, and be willing to be surprised!

That’s my advice to you if you’re considering the idea of a communication consultation with one of your animals. 

You may be delighted and amazed by your animal’s level of understanding.  Animals are adept telepathic communicators, and are capable of sending vivid images of their preferences and life experiences.  Their innate ability to talk without words can enable a Communicator to uncover valuable clues about a lost animal’s whereabouts, for example, or help to resolve seemingly inexplicable behavioral problems.

Animals also have definite opinions about changes in their lives or lifestyles, and are often very open about expressing them!  The uncertainty created by the arrival of a new family member, the upheaval caused by a recent move, or the sadness resulting from the loss of a human or animal friend are deeply felt by our creature companions.    By reaching out to them telepathically, we can help to reassure them and ease the transition.

The telepathic communication pathway between an animal and a communicator is a two-way street. Meaningful messages can be conveyed in ways that are not always possible in ordinary conversation. Animals will often tell you their secrets, if you know how to ask, and how to listen.

Even animals who have passed into spirit form remain accessible, and it can bring great comfort to their people to receive affirmations of their continued existence, and to know that they are doing just fine, possibly to return in the body of another animal.



  • Has there been a recent or unexplained change in your animal's behavior or appetite?  We can ask him what's going on, from his perspective, and how you can make things better.

  • Have you recently lost another animal or family member?  Is this loss affecting your remaining animals?  Are they grieving?  Do they need help adjusting to the new family dynamics?  Has your horse lost a beloved pasture mate, stablemate, or caretaker?  What does he need in order to feel better and regain his equilibrium and joie de vivre?

  • Have you recently moved?  Or do you plan to move?  We can help your animal adjust to his or her "new digs."

  • Have you recently adopted a new dog or cat?  How is he adjusting to you, and to the other members of your family?  I can ease your new friend through the transition, help him learn the ropes, and buttress your efforts to make him feel at home.

  • Does a behavioral or training issue have you stymied?  Are you out of options?   A telepathic consultation can often be effective in changing undesirable patterns and creating a positive outcome.

  • Would you like to know whether a horse you are considering for purchase will be a good fit? 

  • If your animal has been diagnosed with a serious illness, is he comfortable?   He may be able to provide valuable insights into whether his treatment is helping him to feel better, or whether it's taking too great a toll.  I have worked with animals through their last illnesses, to help their families know when it may be time to anticipate a transition.

  • Would you just like to know what your animal is thinking?  What makes her happy?  How could things be better?  How does she view her relationship with you and other friends or family members?

  • It can be a very comforting and validating experience to hear what animals who have died have to say from their vantage point in a different dimension.  They will often send messages that specifically mention particular events and beloved memories from their life on this plane, letting their people know that they are still very much alive and aware of what is happening here.


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